《WOA FTP服务器》注重您个人隐私的保护。有时候我们需要某些信息才能为您提供您请求的服务,本隐私权声明解释了这些情况下的数据收集和使用情况。本隐私权声明适用于《WOA FTP服务器》APP应用产品的所有相关服务。




《WOA FTP服务器》会在法律要求或符合《WOA FTP服务器》的相关服务条款、软件许可使用协议约定的情况下透露您的个人信息,或者有充分理由相信必须这样做才能:(a) 满足法律的明文规定,或者符合《WOA FTP服务器》本应用适用的法律程序;(b)符合《WOA FTP服务器》相关服务条款、软件许可使用协议的约定;(c) 保护《WOA FTP服务器》的权利或财产,以及 (d) 在紧急情况下保护《WOA FTP服务器》员工、《WOA FTP服务器》产品或服务的用户或大众的个人安全。

《WOA FTP服务器》不会未经允许将这些信息与第三方共享,本声明已经列出的情况除外。




就下列相关事宜的发生,《WOA FTP服务器》不承担任何法律责任:

1. 《WOA FTP服务器》根据法律规定或相关政府的要求提供您的个人信息;

2. 非因《WOA FTP服务器》原因导致的个人信息的泄漏;

3. 任何第三方根据《WOA FTP服务器》各服务条款及声明中所列明的情况使用您的个人信息由此所产生的纠纷;

4. 任何由于黑客攻击、电脑病毒侵入或政府管制而造成的暂时性服务停止;

5. 因不可抗力导致的任何后果;

6. 《WOA FTP服务器》在各服务条款及声明中列明的免责情形 。




“WOA FTP Server” pays attention to your privacy protection. Sometimes we need some information to provide you with the services you requested, and this privacy statement explains the data collection and use in these cases. This privacy statement applies to all relevant services of the WOA FTP Server APP application product.
Collection of your personal information
We will ask for your permission when we need information that can identify you (personal information) or can contact you.
Control your personal information
“In the” WOA FTP Server or comply with the legal requirements of the relevant “WOA FTP Server” terms of service, software licensing agreement to disclose any of your personal information, or have good reason to believe that this was necessary to: (a) to meet the legal regulations, or in conformity with the “theme” of the application of the law applicable to the store the program; (b) in accordance with the relevant terms of service “WOA FTP Server”, software license agreement; (c) protection “WOA FTP Server” rights or property, and (d) in case of emergency protection “theme”, “WOA FTP Server store employees” product or service users or public personal safety.
The WOA FTP Server will not share the information without permission from the third party, except for the conditions listed in this statement.
The security of your personal information
Strictly protect the security of your personal information. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. If you have any doubt about our privacy protection, please leave a message under this Agreement and we will contact you in time.
About Disclaimer
The WOA FTP Server is not liable for any of the following:
1. WOA FTP Servers provide your personal information in accordance with the law or the requirements of the relevant government;
2. non personal information leakage due to WOA FTP Server;
3. any dispute arising from the use of your personal information by any third party under the terms and conditions stated in the WOA FTP Server;
4. any temporary service caused by hacker attack, computer virus invasion or government control;
5. any consequence caused by force majeure;
6. exemptions from the terms and conditions of the “theme shop” in each of the terms of service and statements.
Privacy statement amendment:
The privacy statement will be amended as required. We recommend that users regularly surf the Internet to see the latest privacy policies in terms of use. As soon as any future terms are updated, we will not take the initiative to remind the user and will not backtrack to what happened before, without changing the way we dealt with the data we collected.